Common features of the range

1. Hygiene and sanitization

Sani-control, hygiene under control

Sani-Control is the design concept applied to ensure the hygienic effectiveness of the dishwashers in the new Sammic ware washing range.

This concept encompasses several solutions:

  • Thermal-Lock: Ensures that rinsing is only carried out when the ideal temperature for sanitising the dishes has been reached.
  • Hygiene guarantee: All our dishwashers have been designed according to DIN10534 standard to ensure optimum disinfection.

2. New deep-drawn bodywork

Ergonomic, robust and resource efficiency

The new Sammic dishwashers have been designed using the latest manufacturing technologies, such as the deep-drawn process for the manufacture of the wash chambers.

This construction technique offers numerous advantages that are useful on a day-to-day basis.

3. Enhanced loading height

More, in the same space

The new dishwashers have improved loading capacity while occupying the same amount of space. This results in greater versatility and improved ergonomics.

Useful height:

  • Glasswasher: 300 mm.
  • Front loading dishwashers: 380 mm.
  • Pass-though dishwashers: 430 mm.

Productivity doubled

The improved loading capacity of the machines makes it possible to adjust a second height so that two baskets can be washed simultaneously. Thus doubling the machine's productivity.*

* The upper level is designed for washing plates thanks to the upper wash arm. Maximum size plates 23cm (front-loading) / 16cm (glasswasher).

* The lower wash arm effectively washes cups and glasses. Maximum height of glasses and/or cups is 11 cm.

4. Hydroblade washing arms

Efficient performance

Thanks to the application of state-of-the-art technologies, the new Hydroblade arms provide two key advantages: higher washing efficiency and lower water consumption. The figures speak for themselves:

  • 30 % less water consumption during rinsing.*
  • 40 % lighter for faster rotation to generate a more uniform and powerful water jet.*

*Compared to the previous range

5. 3-Stage Filter System

Hygiene and ergonomics

The system of progressive filters has the task of trapping even the lightest dirt to keep the wash water in optimum condition and maintain constant washing efficiency throughout the whole day.

  • Surface filters.
  • Tank filter.
  • Extraction filter.

All the filtering stages can be disassembled manually, making daily cleaning easier.

6. Water renewal system

Optimal, consistent performance

The design of the new deep-drawn tanks facilitates the partial renewal of the wash water after each cycle, preventing the water in the tank from becoming saturated with dirt and maintaining constant washing efficiency throughout the day.


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