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XM: New commercial hand blenders Versatility, ergonomics and durability

A few months ago, we introduced the first member of this new range: XM-12. Now, we're introducing the family with four more series according to the size of the machines. We're presenting the XS, S, M, L and XL series, which include different sized blenders, whisks and combined models.

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Professional performance

Versatility without add-on tools

The XM hand blenders are ideal for achieving the most subtle and delicate blending: airy consistencies, smooth purées, etc. in a fast, comfortable way and without add-on tools. 

The whisks are ideal for whipping cream, preparing meringues, chantilly, mayonnaise, Genovese sauce, omelettes, crêpes, soufflés, etc. also, in a fast and comfortable way and without add-on tools.

Hand blender


The Y-Blade, professional and with three very sharp blades of tempered steel with a long-duration cutting edge, has inclinations which have been studied in order to achieve a perfect result with each elaboration.

Thanks to the three blades, less time and less motor effort is required to obtain the desired texture.


All of the hand mixer & blender combo machines, all of the whisks and the XS and S hand blenders  have variable speed.

Models for all types of productions

As hand blender: from 10 litres to 250 litres capacity.

As whisk: from 30 litres to 80 litres capacity

Optional arm

All of the XM models can be used with more than one mixer arm in different sizes, making the machine more versatile. Also, the S, M and L ranges can also be used with a whisk.

Enhanced UX. Maximum comfort for the user

Logical and manageable size

All of the XM models are designed to be easy to handle for the user. They therefore have a logical size within their range.

Ergo-design & bi-mat-grip

The external casing, made in two materials, allows an ergonomic hold with an anti-slip grip and the handle features optimum inclination in order to minimise fatigue.


The arm is detachable with quick fastening due to the safety restraint system and the “click” which indicates the locked position.

Hand blender

Hood designed to avoid splashes

The careful design of the hood avoids splashes during work.

Intuitive use

The XM range showcases extremely simple and intuitive handling with light indicators to show whether the machine is connected to the mains.

Built-to-last. Durability guarantee

Professional performance

Robustly constructed, all models from the XM range are manufactured with materials of the highest quality and offer maximum motor power in a compact size. They are capable of carrying out prolonged work without the casing overheating.


The XM models are equipped with a motor which has passed all of the most demanding usage tests.

Studied geometry

The exterior shape of the casing is designed to avoid it rolling and falling from the work surface.

Easy to clean

Thanks to the ease of assembly and disassembly of the arm, cleaning it is extremely easy and can be done under the tap.

Moreover, the arm of XM-12 can be washed in the dishwasher.

Approved by NSF

All the models are standard 8 NSF certified, which is a hygiene and safety guarantee. 

Commercial hand blenders

Commercial immersion blenders and whisks.
Versatility, ergonomy, strength. Built to last.

Hand blender XM-12 Compact immersion blender. 240 W.
Hand blender XM-21 Professional immersion blender. 300 W.
Hand blender XM-22 Professional immersion blender. 300 W.
Hand mixer & blender combo MB-21 Professional hand blender and beater. 300 W.
Blender B-20 Professional beater. 300 W.
Hand blender XM-31 Professional immersion blender. 400 W.
Hand blender XM-32 Professional immersion blender. 400 W.
Hand blender XM-33 Professional immersion blender. 400 W.
Hand mixer & blender combo MB-31 Professional hand blender and beater. 400 W.
Blender B-30 Professional beater. 400 W.
Hand blender XM-51 Professional immersion blender. 570 W.
Hand blender XM-52 Professional immersion blender. 570 W.
Hand mixer & blender combo MB-51 Professional hand blender and beater. 570 W.
Blender B-50 Professional beater. 570 W.
Hand blender XM-71 Professional immersion blender. 750 W.
Hand blender XM-72 Professional immersion blender. 750 W.

"Quick fix" bowl clamp

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