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New Sammic Dishwasher with built-in water softener

February 4, 2011 Français   Português   Español  

Sammic presents a new high performance dishwasher  with built-in water softener, SL-360D. It is the ideal solution for areas where water softening is necessary but there is no space for the installation of an external water softener

Main features:

· 3 washing cycles (hourly output up to 540 plates).

· Tank and boiler temperature display.

· Thermal cycle delay option included: guarantees a minimum rinsing temperature of 85ºC.

· Model SL-360BD is equipped with drain pump, non-return valve and non-blocking pump protection filter. 

· Deep drawn dispersers, optimal use of water flow.

· Complete with rinse aid dosing equipment. Detergent dosing kit is an option. 

· Watertight controls.

· Magnetic door micro-switch.

· Etc.

Now available!

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