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Sammic vacuum packing machines, in video

March 23, 2011 Español   Français  

Sammic offers a broad range of SV vacuum packing machines. All of them are NSF certified and comply with all certifications and quality requirements of each one of their target markets. Sammic vacuum packing machines are ideal for:

  1. Deli Meats and Cheese Packing: Increasing Shelf life, reducing moisture and keeping flavors and aromas untouched
  2. Fresh Food Packing: Stopping oxidation and prolonging life
  3. Already Cooked Food packing: Vacuum pack once food is cooked, keeping all the flavors and nutrients while prolonging life.
  4. Sous Vide Cooking: Allowing rational work planning and executing, reducing shrinkage and keeping nutrients.
  5. Gas packing: Prolongs life without preservatives; prevents mold, keeps colours alive for displaying and prevents crushing fragile foods.
  6. Freezing vacuum packed foods: No frostbiting, no loss of taste or aroma, no drying, no oxidation of fats.

There are many ways in which these Food Preserving Machines will help any commercial kitchen increase the quality and sanitation of their servings, while saving time and money:

  • Take advantage of best-to-buy days.
  • Reduction of labor cost: Maximising idle times.
  • Maximum sanitation.
  • Reduction of food wastage.
  • Regular portioning : Exact cost calculation.
  • Rational storage of products in cold rooms.
  • Improvement of inventory control.

Brought to you by Tracy Chang, one of the first two winners of the first Sammic grant in the framework of the BasqueStage project, the following video shows the main features of Sammic vacuum packing machines:

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