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Applications Open For a new round of Sammic Scholarships

August 29, 2012 Español   Italiano   Français   Português  

Applications are officially open for the new (and improved!) Sammic Scholarships. Even as our two current stages, Brenden Darby and Luuk Hoffman, are just settling in at Restaurant Martín Berasategui, we are beginning our search for the next culinary stars.

This round, culinary students, recent graduates, and young chefs will have the chance to apply to two distinct Sammic Scholarships.

The first Scholarship, the Top Chef Sammic Scholarshipis identical to the previous BasqueStage Sammic Scholarships. One talented winner will receive a six-month, all-expense-paid stage, working under the direction of a Basque chef of the highest category as well as the opportunity to tell about their experience to other chefs through the website and blogs created for this purpose. Two of these months will be spent apprenticing with producers and artisans of the Basque region.

Read here for more information on this scholarship.

The second scholarship is a new one: the Rising Star Sammic Scholarship. The winner will receive a three-month stage, working under the direction of a Basque chef who is on the brink of world culinary stardom. This is the Rising Star Sammic Scholarship’s first round, and we are proud to announce the collaboration of Roberto Ruiz, a Basque chef of the highest caliber. Named Best Restaurateur by the Basque Academy of Gastronomy, Chef Ruiz is passionate about food and obsessed with quality product, and stages will accompany him to farms and markets. This is a unique opportunity for an authentic culinary experience in the Basque countryside.

Read here for more information on this scholarship.

Applications are open until the end of September. The first round of applications is the same for both scholarships. APPLY NOW, HERE.

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