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A healthy appetite for product development

January 17, 2012

Interestingly, at a time when some markets are still struggling with economic downturn, there’s a healthy appetite for growth in the catering equipment industry.

The bi-annual Hotelympia gets underway next month (February 26) and is the UK's largest exhibition for foodservice and hospitality. The organisers feel that the new look exhibition will create even more of a buzz this year, given the build up to the Olympics.

A new publication, Catering Insight, has been launched, covering news in the catering equipment market, where there’s already a plethora of online and offline news sources covering the ups and downs of the industry. If there’s room for more that’s got be a good sign.

And there’s been no shortage of new products and innovation in the UK catering equipment industry, which is extremely resilient to any economic adversity.

Hotelympia will be the venue for Sammic to introduce a new range of vegetable preparation machines, which have been three years in research and development.

The goal was to improve the quality of the cuts and dicing, in particular very delicate cuts, and for increased production while keeping the equipment as ergonomic, easy-to-use and hygienic as possible.

The result is a three-model range of highly durable, heavy duty machines made from stainless steel and cast aluminium, with the capability to output for up to 700 covers per day. 

Features include: a lateral shoot- ideal for narrow counter spaces; a wide range of discs and grids allowing over 70 different best quality cuts; a one-arm motion process with a handle designed for low impact on elbows and wrists; and an intuitive, water-tight, LED lit front control panel.

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