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Hostelco 2012: new dishwahing line

October 15, 2012 Français   Português   Italiano   Español  

Sammic: Innovative Cleaning Solutions

Sammic has set itself the goal of offering the market the range of commercial dishwashers and glasswashers that best adapts to the needs and expectations of each user.

The result of the detailed studies carried out at a very wide range of users has been the development of not one, but three ranges of glasswashers and dishwashers, so that each user can find the solution they are looking for when washing tableware.


Sammic PRO: Professional washing with Total Guarantee

Sammic PRO is a range of glasswashers and dishwashers thought to obtain professional results with total guarantee.

It is a compact series of electromechanical glasswashers and dishwashers that are easy and intuitive to use.

Commercial Glasswashers with a useful height of up to 280mm and an independent boiler in all models, the commercial dishwasher with the most intuitive use on the market and a hood type model with an electronic panel and 3 wash cycles which make it possible to achieve professional results with low consumption.


Sammic X-TRA: Versatility and adaptability

The Sammic X-TRA range is designed to adapt to the particular needs of any user. As well as the wide selection of models available there is a broad range of possibilities and extra features that make Sammic X-TRA the market's most versatile and flexible range.

All the X-TRA glasswashers and dishwashers have a “soft” control panel with cycle selection.

Glasswashers with standard cold rinsing, Commercial Dishwashers and Hood Type Commercial Dishwashers with temperature visualisation, compact dishwasher, model with stand... and an extensive catalogue of extras such as drain pumps, incorporated water softener, pressure pump, constant temperature rinsing system... give this range its name. 


Sammic SUPRA: Excellence at the service of Ware Washing

The Sammic SUPRA range combines top-quality construction with the most advanced features. It is a range designed to meet and even surpass the expectations of the most demanding users.

All the SUPRA glasswashers and commercial dishwashers and pass-through dishwashers have a double wall construction with the resulting thermal and acoustic insulation, which translates into limited consumption and greater comfort in the washing area.

The “soft” control panel where you can select cycles and visualise temperatures is available in all models.

As in the X-TRA range, Sammic SUPRA also offers an extensive catalogue of extras such as drain pumps, incorporated water softener, pressure pumps, steam condenser or the constant temperature rinsing system.

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