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QR codes in Sammic Price List 2013

April 9, 2013 Português   Español  

This year we have incorporated the famous BIDI codes (also called QR codes) in our price lists. QR codes are an evolution of the barcodes in two dimensions, which become enormously popular with the arrival of smarthphones and tablets with processing capacity for such codes to the market. 

With these codes, you can access from your mobile phone, quickly to updated product information, as well as videos of machine demos, without having to type long addresses in the phone's keyboard.

If you have not yet installed a BIDI code reader on your Smartphone, we provide you with the link to two of the most popular apps on the leading mobile systems:

  • For ANDROID smartphones & tablets

          BIDI: lector QR y cod. barras

  • For iPhone, iPad and iPod



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