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Sammic container thermo-sealer TS-150

December 16, 2013 Português   Italiano   Español   Français  

Designed to pack food in containers of different sizes, the Sammic commercial container thermo-sealer is the ideal appliance to present and transport any product, including liquids and sauces. 

Sammic TS-150 container thermo-sealer is stainless steel made and the temperature is controlled electronically. The appliance seals the container and cuts the film simultaneously. With a loading of 450W, the thermo sealer makes tranport of prepared or semi-prepared food easy and practical.


Sammic container thermo-sealer TS-150 allows the use of two different sizes of sealable trays or containers: 1 container of 192 x 137 mm. or 2 containers of 137 x 95 mm. per cycle. Each format is available in different depths with capacities ranging from 0.25 lt. to 2 lt., thus suiting the needs of any user.

Sammic TS-150 is provided with a 300-metre-long film roll.

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