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Vegetable Cutting Guide using FR Grating Discs

December 18, 2013 Español   Italiano   Português   Français   Deutsch  

This time we show you the different types of cuts obtained with the FR schredding discs, which allow us to unravel vegetables and grate cheese, bread, nuts, almonds etc. We will use commercial food processors CA-301, CA-401, CA-601 and CK-401 commercial combi processors & mixers for this purpose.

A reminder that all the different cuts listed below can also be obtained with the vegetable slicer CA-300 (discontinued model) and with the cutter-grater attachment, the CR-143, that can be used with aluminum potato peelers and with planetary mixers with attachment drive for accessories.



Almond powder   


 Grating disc FR-1+ (1mm)

Chocolate powder


 Grating disc FR-2+ (2mm)

Grated cheese



Surimi strips (crab sticks)


Grating disc FR-3+ (3mm)

Grating disc FR-4+ (4mm)

Grating disc FR-7+ (7mm)

Grating disc FR-4+ (4mm)




Grating disc FR-8+ (8mm)
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