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Sammic with Aroa, Artisans of the Earth

June 27, 2013 Français   Español  

Aroa SaladToday we introduce you Aroa, Artisans of the Earth. Located in Getaria, a region of impressive gastronomic influence, Aroa grows high quality vegetables, greens & more. Perched on the hill top, Aroa overlooks the Cantabrian Sea, dotted with its impetuous waves.

The crops are cultivated with the utmost care by skilled hands, following sustainable practices. Aroa’s production systems are respectful of the environment, using only natural land + sea fertilizers, as has been done for centuries.

All of these efforts  have helped to achieve a high level of recognition by some of the most acclaimed chefs, including 3 Michelin Star chefs. 

This philosophy makes Aroa’s team true Earth Artisans.

Sammic, world reference manufacturer of high quality ware washing machines and dynamic food preparation and processing equipment, has once more been close to the most demanding users when developing its products. And thanks to Sammic's collaboration with Aroa, located a few miles away from Sammic's headquarters in Azkoitia, Spain, Sammic has introduced the new range of commercial salad spinners. These salad dryers offer high productivity taking care of the product all the time, achieving the perfect drying with no damage to the product, improving its shelf life without resecting the product with the use of protecting atmosphere. 

And there is more: did you know that a well dried salad not only extends its shelf life and allows for the most vibrant and crispy greens, but also saves up to 15% in salad dressing costs?

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