Sammic Export 2013 price list, already available

March 18, 2013 Español   Português  

Sammic's 2013 Export Price List is available! We will send the price list to our Distribuitor in the coming days. Meanwhile, if you are our Distributor, you can download the pdf version clicking here.

Let us show you the main changes you will find there:

1. A completely new ware washing line. Now we offer you 3 ranges of glass washer, front loading dishwashers and pass-through models. The latest include the option of steam condender with energy recovery system. 
  • Sammic PRO: Professional Washing with Total Guarantee.
  • Sammic X-TRA: Versatility and Adaptability.
  • Sammic SUPRA: Excellence at the service of Ware Washing.
       The same quality, 3 performance levels!

2. New range of 
vertical cutters and emulsifiers CK / CKE , adding to the range of machines for the cutting of vegetables and combination models we already offer.

3. A new hand mixer, TR-200. Equipped with a Ø6.5 cm. blade hood and a 200 mm. long fixed arm, the new compact immersion blender TR-200 has been designed to obtain professional performance in small production needs.

4. New TRX turbo liquidisers, designed and developed by Sammic for bulk containers (up to 500 litre) where high performance is needed.

5. New Salad Dryers ES-100/200 , with greater ability to spin the market and advanced features .

6. Modification in the 500 series vacuum packing machinesnow with 2 sealing bars. 

7. Availability of vacuum packing bags in convenient 100 unit packs.

8. More competitive prices in sous-vide cookers.

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