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Time or sensor-controlled vacuum packing machines?

October 15, 2013 Português   Français   Italiano   Español  

When choosing a Sammic commercial vacuum packing machine, there are many options available, so deciding on which model best suits your requirements needs careful consideration.

Sammic chamber vacuum packing machines can vacuum pack products in bags or containers, between 0.5- 2 mbar of vacuum pressure (depending on the model). This extends the shelf life of the product, as it is isolated from food spoilage organisms.

When acquiring a Sammic vacuum packing machine, we see there are many optioins available. How can we decide on which model best suits our needs?


Sensor controlled vacuum packing machines:

All functions are controlled by a micro-processor, which allows exact control of the desired vacuum percentage in the chamber and a vacuum pressure, giving up to a 99.5%  reliably factor.

The result will be identicalregardless of the amount of product to be packaged.

This option is also ideal for packing fragile products like vegetables, croquettes, pastry, etc. as gas flushing comes as standard on all sensor-controlled models. 

Time-controlled vacuum packing machines:

All functions are programmed for a predetermined time. The vacuum reached will depend on the programmed time and this can be controlled by the vacuum gauge on the control board. The value reached will vary depending on the predetermined time and the amount of product to be packaged.

Sammic's time-controlled vacuum packing machines are not equipped with gas flushing. Therefore this option is ideal for those who need to pack cured products like cheese, sausages, etc. and non-fragile products in general.  

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