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Sammic commercial hand immersion blenders, now in 3 categories

September 26, 2013 Español   Italiano   Português   Português  

Sammic team is working hard not only to develop and offer the market user friendly and reliable products, but also to make it easy for both end users and dealers to find the right product for each user's need.

For this reason, we have organized our complete range of commercial hand mixers in 3 categories on our website: 

COMPACT RANGE: it consists of light duty commercial stick blenders. The 250W, fixed speed hand mixers can be used with both 200 and 290mm long arms. A combi model and a beater are also available, in this case with adjustable speed. Sammic compact range hand mixers are designed to be used in up to 15l. capacity containers. 

MEDIUM RANGE: Sammic medium range commercial immersion blenders, beaters and combi models are medium duty appliances, designed to use in containers of up to 75 lt. capacity. It consists of 350W hand mixers with fixed speed and different arm lenghts, as well as of 350W, adjustable speed beaters and combi models.

SUPERIOR RANGE: Sammic superior range commercial hand mixers consits of 550W and 750W models with fixed speed and arm lenght between 500 and 600mm. They can be used in up to 200 lt. capacity containers. 

A complete range, now with a new presentation to make things easy for you.

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