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Sammic Commercial Salad Spinners: Innovation and Profitability

April 11, 2014 Español   Português   Italiano   Français  

Sammic commercial salad spinners ES-100 and ES-200 join innovation & profitability. With a speed of 900 r.p.m, Sammic salad dryers are the fastest ones in the market guaranteeing at all times the maximum quality of the dried product.

Sammic salad dryers are provided with the exlusive VCS (Vibration Control System) technology, which checks the distribution of the charged product in the basket before operating, minimizing the vibrations during operation and improving the durability of the appliance.

Both models are equipped with a stainless steel basket and are complete with braked wheels, making it easy to displace and/or store the machine and improving the hygienic condition of the working area.

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