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Making Hummus, with the cutter-emulsifier CKE

April 4, 2014 Português   Français   Español   Italiano  

We present to you a new video showing how the Sammic cutter-emulsifier can be used to prepare hummus. Hummus or houmous is a very popular recipe in the Middle East. It is made using cheakpeas with lemon juice, a cream called tahini (sesame seed paste) and olive or sesame oil. According to local variations of the recipe, you can also add other ingredients such as garlic, paprika (usually poured while being served), etc.

The superfine grinding you get with the cutter-emulsifiers CKE makes it unnecessary to strain the product at the end of the process, obtaining the ideal texture in just one step. This point is really important in the practical level of processing it. The scraper "Cut&Mix" that comes with the cutter-emulsifier CKE allows the full incorporation of the ingredients, leaving no residues on the walls of the bowl. 

The cutter-emulsifier CKE is available with 5 or 8-litre-bowls, depending on your choice of CKE-5 or CKE-8 model. They also offer a high production capacity ewith the possibility time-programming.

For cleaning purpose. the different parts can be easily disassembled to be washed in a dishwasher. 

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