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Potato peelers and potato hand chipping machines in action

December 10, 2014 Español   Português   Italiano   Français  

The commercial potato peeler and the potato hand chipping machine are indispensable elements in the manufacture of crisps & chips. The need to consume fresh, healthy and economical product is growing in recent years. As such the establishments that offer this type of food are expanding.


Proof of this is the video that the Queen's Chips franchise of Naples has published. In which, the potato rumbler machine and the proffesional French Fries cutting machine are the key elements to its creation. 

Once, the potatoes have been peeled and cut, it's possible to package them in bags, with the vacuum packing machines. Fresh potato can be kept refrigerated for at least one week without loss of quality and taste, which allows for improve organisation. You can see the video and the steps to follow in the post fresh potato processing.


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