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Lamb at a low temperature with The Sammic Sous-Vide SVP-100

February 13, 2014 Español   Português  

Seve Diaz our partner and chef contributor in Sammic Canarias, in association with the "Canarias Today" TV Programme, cooks a delicious dish of lamb at a low temperature with hummus and French onions sautéed with butter and aromatic herbs. For this he uses the sous vide cooker SVP-100. You can watch the video by clicking on the photo.

The Sammic SVP-100 is easy to use and transport and can be fitted in seconds to a standard stainless or different sized polycarbonate gastronorms. The Sammic thermal circulators allows chefs to cook in a precise temperature controlled environment, to produce consistently perfect results. Ideal for sous vide and other low temperature cooking, these baths are an indispensable piece of equipment for all leading chefs worldwide.

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