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Transparency by vacuum: Apple Amber

February 20, 2014 Español   Italiano   Deutsch   Français   Português  

Today we show you a cutting-edge technique to obtain transparencies of fruits and apples by using our Vacuum Packing Machine. This technique shows another use for these machines.

In the following video, our friend and collaborator Enrique Fleischmann  prepares a delicious dessert called “Apple Amber” by making vacuum several times on thin slices of apple, transforming them into transparent apple sheets and thus, getting a tasty and appealing dessert.

Place a syrup bath or liqueur in the chamber and put the thin vegetable or fruit slices inside. By making a vacuum, we are removing the air which is inside the fruit or vegetables. The longer the time and the more times we repeat the process, the more transparent the products will become.

With this post, we have shown you three cutting-edge and innovative techniques that can be done by using the vacuum packing machines: air creations, cold osmosis and transparency by vacuum

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