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Vegetable preparation cutting guide combining discs and grids

January 10, 2014 Español   Português   Français   Italiano   Deutsch  

Sammic offers a guide with pictures of the different types of cuts that can be obtained by combining FC+ discs with FFC+ and FMC+ grids, all of them using  vegetable prep.machines CA-301, CA-401, CA-601 and CK-301 and CK-401 combi models.

All the different cuts listed below can also be obtained with the vegetable slicer CA-300 (discontinued model) and with the cutter-grater attachment, the CR-143, that can be used with aluminum potato peelers and with planetary mixers with combined option, except for the 20 mm and 25 mm slices. The grids and discs that work with the CA-300 vegetable slicer and the CR-143 are the FF and FM grids of 20mm max and FC discs of 14mm max.





Combining FC-8+ (8mm) disc and FFC-8+ (8mm) grid

Combining FC-10+ (10mm) disc and FFC-10+ (10mm) grid

Spanish Omelette


Combining FC-3+(3mm) disc and FMC-20+(20mm) or FMC-14+(14mm) grids

"Pico de gallo"     


Combining FC-8+(8mm) disc and FMC-8+(8mm) grid

Combining FC-10+(10mm) disc and FMC-10+(10mm) grid      

Combining FC-14+(14mm) disc and FMC-14+(14mm) grid                                              

"Patata brava" (Chips in Spicy Tomato)


Combining FC-20+(20mm) disc with FMC-20+(20mm) grid

Combining FC-25+(25mm) disc with FMC-25+(25mm) grid



Combining FC-6+(6mm) disc with FMC-14+(14mm) grid
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