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The benefits of sous-vide cooking

July 16, 2014 Español   Français   Deutsch   Italiano   Português  

Sous-vide or low temperature cooking has become an indispensable technique for any kitchen that follows the last trends. More than a fashion, sous-vide cooking gains popularity for both its advantages related to product quality, economic and organisational benefits, allowing the creation of gourmet meals with ease.

What are the benefits of sous vide cooking?

Benefits related to product quality:

  • Minimum loss of humidity and weight
  • Enhances and preserves natural flavors and aroma.
  • Retains colours, useful for food presentation.  
  • Better retention of nutrients and vitamins than traditional cooking or steaming.
  • Very little fat or salt needs be added to the product.

Operational and economic benefits:

  • Consistent and precise results.
  • Time saving- meals can be prepared in advance, freeing up time in busy periods.
  • Less product shrinkage and accurate portion and cost control.
  • Less power consumption compared to ovens.
  • Cooking without gas reduces the ambient temperature of the kitchen as well as the risk of fire.
  • Different dishes can be regenerated simultaneously without mixing flavors.
  • Reduced cleaning times and less cooking equipment required.
  • Simple use and uniform and consistent results.
  • Improves menu planning. 

This allows us to say that, rather than a matter of trends, sous vide cooking it is a culinary technique that is here to stay.

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