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S-60 front loading dishwasher: performance & benefits

July 22, 2014 Español   Français   Deutsch   Italiano   Português  

Within our SUPRA dishwasher range, S-60 commercial front loading dishwasher is the front loading model that offers the most advanced features.  Designed to give hygienic sanitized results, it is the ideal model for hospitals, clinics, nurseries and laboratories. S-60 is also indicated to wash glassware in the hotel & leisure industry. 

S-60 offers double skinned construction, which results in energy savings and acousting insulation. It is equipped with a constant rinse temperature system (guaranteed 85ºC temperature during the whole rinsing cycle).  

Sammic SUPRA S-60 commercial dishwasher is equipped with an independent water inlet "break tank" and booster pump that allow working in perfect condition with a minimum water pressure or flow (0.7bar, 7lt/min), and is supplied complete with a top-of tank stainless steel filter set. In option, the appliance can be supplied with a drain pump and non-return-valve.  

The control board is electronic, watertight and user-friendly. It allows for choosing 3 washing cycles and is equipped with a wash and rinse temperature display. 

Sammic offers 3 complete dishwasher ranges (PRO, X-TRA, SUPRA), all with the same quality standards and with different performance levels. This allows us to adapt our offer th the specific needs of each user. Sammic ware-washing range includes pot washers, rack conveyor dishwasers and cutlery dryers-polishers

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