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The LI-240 Multi-Juicer for bars and…kitchens

March 31, 2014 Español   Português   Italiano   Français   Deutsch  

Did you know that the multi-juicer is a very common device to prepare not only fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, but also for different products in the cooking processes of haute cuisine?

The Sammic LI -240 Multi-juicer, made with Swiss technology, is made of stainless steel and its high performance is up to the most demanding users .

It has a large waste container (3.25litres), which enables continuous use. The basket, very robust, is equipped with blades and a stainless steel colander.

The LI-240 multi-juice system has a continuous removal of waste and is equipped with the " turbo " button, which enables cleaning of the basket and balancing the possible vibrations of the machine. It is really easy to use and clean, since it is possible to place a large disposable plastic bag in the waste picker. Assembly and disassembly is easy.

Its universal air-cooled motor, with a speed of 6300 rpm, makes it unique and highly reliable, allowing continued use.

The top lid and cover waste picker are specially designed to prevent clogging during operation.

The LI-240 multi-juicer has the necessary approvals for both domestic and industrial use.

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