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Enrique Fleischmann double winner of the “Más Gastronomía” prize

May 13, 2014 Español   Português  

Our corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann was awarded the past May 8th with the Más Gastronomía award for the Restaurant of the Year. The Mas Gastronomia award, organized by the journal “El Diario Vasco” distinguishes the strength of the younger generation.

(In the picture, the winners with Enrique Fleischmann, standing fourth from left)

Enrique Fleischmann not only received the award for Restaurant of the Year, but also the great Keler prize, which is awarded based on the dinner attendants votes and it was given by Daniel Idigoras, from the beer brand. 

We take these lines to "double" our Congratulations to the team of Fleischmann and Fleischmann's Cooking Group.

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