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SmartVide8 Plus vs SmartVide8 Sous-Vide Cookers

December 15, 2015 Español   Français   Italiano   Deutsch   Português  

SmartVide8 and SmartVide8 Plus Sous-Vide immersion circulators look alike, offer the same capacity, are extremely precise, can be fitted with a core probe... but what are the differences between both models?

The difference between SmartVide8 and SmartVide8 Plus is Wireless connectivity and functionality derived from this connectivity.

Thanks to the free APP available both for iOS and Android, SmartVide8 Plus allows data interchange between the SmartVide and the mobile device. What is this data interchange good for?

  1. Recipe storage: recipes can be stored and executed without having to set temperature and time ecah time we have to execute them. This reduces the risk of errors at the moment of programming temperature and time.
  2. The possibility of obtaining cooking report at the end of the cycle. We will then be able to save, share, send to another device or print it, allowing for an effective HACCP control.
  3. Deferred start: with SmartVide8 Plus, it is possible to programm deferred cycle start. This is very useful, for example, when we want the SmartVide to have reached the desired cooking temperature by the beginning of the workday.
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