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SmartVide8 by Sammic, easy, professional sous-vide cooking

February 10, 2015 Deutsch   Français   Español   Português  

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new immersion circulator, designed and manufactured by Sammic. The new low-temperature cooker SmartVide8 will enable you to cook at a controlled temperature with a high level of accuracy, balancing professional performance with ease of use and cutting-edge features. Developed by chefs for chefs, the SmartVide8 cooker is designed to become an essential basic in any professional kitchen.


We are preparing the launch of a new professional sous-vide cooker, with advanced features, together with high technology for professional users. For the development of this product, we have collaborated with our corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann and his team Fleischmann’s Cooking Group, as well as with our network of chefs at the international level.

SmartVide8 is a sous-vide cooker that is extremely precise. Equipped with a very accurate temperature control system, SmartVide8 allows highly consistent results to be obtained. An optional core probe enables even more precise control. SmartVide is, in addition, very easy to use. To do so, simply programme the temperature and the time: SmartVide8 will do the rest. 4 buttons and a full-colour TFT display that offers all of the information at a glance make it simple and intuitive to operate. In addition, the model SmartVide8 Plus has Wireless connectivity to enable data exchange, important for improving the Chef's performance

SmartVide8 can be used in containers with capacities of up to 56 l. Its construction, in robust and resistant stainless steel, makes it ideal for professional use.  All Sammic cookers are tested one by one before they are sold, guaranteeing the best performance in a professional kitchen.

Thanks to the Wireless connectivity, the SmartVide8 Plus version makes the HACCP control extremely simple, enabling you to export or print the results of the cooking at the end of each cycle.

SmartVide8 was designed for ease of transport. Thanks to the ergonomic, robust handle in solid stainless steel, SmartVide8 can easily be moved from one container to another. In addition, the bag that comes with the thermocirculator means it can be transported anywhere, accompanying chefs wherever they go.

Sammic sous-vide cookers are part of a comprehensive range, as the company has been manufacturing professional vacuum packers since 1990. In addition, Sammic has developed a website dedicated to sous-vide cooking (http://sous-vide.cooking) with full information on the technique, recipes, news, FAQ and lots more. And since good things come in threes, Sammic offers training and consultancy through the new Chef’s Services.

Brochure: http://www.sammic.es/dl/409108/c294a/catalogo-cocedores-sous-vide.pdf

Vídeo: https://youtu.be/8e0YlvnHxKc

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