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Chef's Services starts training local chefs

June 24, 2015 Español   Français   Português  

Within Sammic Services, namely Chef's Services by Sammic, and together with our corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann, we have brought together renowned chefs from the area to give them information and training on cooking and regeneration using sous-vide technique. We have had the pleasure to welcome, in our test kitchen, Joseba Olaizola from Joseba Restaurant (Azkotia), Isaac Garcia-Bravo from Jai Alai Restaurant (Azpeitia) and Jean Michel and Celine Toyos from Chez Mattin (Ciboure, Francia).

They are regular contributors to Sammic and have shown great interest in the possibilities offered by both the sous-vide technique in general as the new Sammic commercial stirrer circulator SmartVide in particular. We are confident that this first contact of the chefs with Enrique Fleischmann will result in fruitful future collaborations, thanks to Sammic Services. Our testing kitchen will welcome you with open arms, as usual, and whenever you need!

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