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Cutlery polishers: uses and features

May 11, 2015 Español   Italiano   Français   Deutsch   Português  

The cutlery dryers-polishers dries, polishes and eliminates spotting on cutlery after washing, as well as providing considerable savings in time and money for catering industry establishments.


Using the cutlery dryer-polisher make possible both, costs saving and time savings, giving free time to the staff for doing other tasks. Its low power consumption is also a factor to consider. The UVC-ray germicide lamp which are equipped, sterilizes both, the cutlery and the drying product. They are completely stainless steel construction, stainless steel drying tank and stainless steel rounded cutlery carousel, avoiding cutlery jams.

In our range of cutlery dryers-polishers we have three models:

The front wheel kit can be attached to the models SAS-5001 and SAS-6001, which helps to move the machine more easily.

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High resolution pictures: SAM-3001 / SAS-5001 / SAS-6001

Spec sheets: SAM-3001 / SAS-5001 / SAS-6001

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