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Blast chillers AB-3, for confined spaces

May 21, 2015 Español   Português   Français   Deutsch  

The multiple advantages that blast chillers provide in food preservation is rapidly making them  an  indispensable piece of equipment in bakeries, pizza shops, ice-cream shops, catering and restaurants. This post refers to the smallest model in our range of blast-chillers, blast chiller AB-3, ideal for small spaces and kitchens with tight dimensions

The blast-chiller AB-3 has an output of 7 kg chilling to 3° C in 90 minutes and an output of 5 kg deep frozen to -18ºC in 240 minutes. Its powerful compressors enable rapid cooling of food and its indirect air flush reduces food dehydration. Equipped wiith an integrated 750W power unit and with hard chilling function for thick products. It should be noted its optional core probe which optimises the chilling and freezing times, by detecting the moment at which the desired temperature is reached in the core of the product.

The features mentioned above, are distinguished in two versions depending on the type of trays we need, which will vary the dimensions of the machine.

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