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How to vacuum oil and liquids safely

November 17, 2015 Español   Français   Italiano   Português  

SV-310 vacuum packing Customer asked about how to vacuum oil and liquids safely, avoiding the liquid spilling out of the bag. For this reason we are publishing this post for all our customers who may have the same question.

All Sammic vacuum packing machines offer as an option a liquid insert plates so that the bag is titled, which avoids spilling liquids. There is no problem when you are packing oil, but if you are packaging very fine sauces, the liquid starts boiling when 95% vacuum has been reached, which makes the liquid spill more easily.

If you have a sensor controlled vacuum packing machine, you can program it so that the vacuum percentage doesn't exceed 95%.

If you have time-controlled vacuum packing machine, use the STOP key, which are included in all Sammic vacuum machines. The STOP key, allows the interruption of the cycle at any stage, moving on to the next step. This can be very useful when you pack liquids, allowing to stop the vacuum before the liquid starts boiling and avoids the liquid spilling out of the bag. We don't have this problem when pack oil but we have it, when packaging very liquids sauces.

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