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Hot drinks dispensers: BOLERO series

October 20, 2015 Português   Français  

A wide variety of hot drinks, such as coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate can be delivered by pressing just a single button, thanks to the Bolero series from Sammic, manufactured by Bravilor Bonamat. No matter whether large or small quantities are involved, the instant machines from the Bolero series offer a suitable solution for each location.

The Bolero series of instant beverage machines offer the following characteristics:

  • Hot beverage dispensers based on instant ingredients.
  • Complete with connection for mains water supply 3/4 inch.
  • Fast and simple operation. Reliable proven technology.
  • Clear menu with LED display.
  • Separate hot water tap.
  • Unique mixing system ensures perfect flow of ingredients.
  • Easy to clean thanks to the removable ventilation housing.
  • Descaling / filter replace signal and cleaning and rinsing program on the control panel.
  • Drip-tray-full warning.
  • Total and daily production counter.

The BOLERO 1 and the BOLERO 2 machines include 1 and 2 transparent, closable canisters which are convenient for filling with ingredients. Both models have a separate button for hot water. Both of them allow us to serve the drink in cups or decanters.

1 drink + hot water 2 drinks + hot water
1 canister for ingredients 2 canisters for ingredients
30 litres hourly production 30 litres hourly production
Spec sheet (pdf) Spec sheet (pdf)
High resolution picture High resolution picture


The BOLERO TURBO and the BOLERO TURBO XL are the high-volume machines in this series. These models can even fill two decnaters simultaneously. Both, allow us to serve the drink into vacuum flasks or cups: the included intermediate shelf allows to produce beverates directly into cups. 


9 drinks + hot water
4 canisters for ingredients (4x2.4L)
40 litres hourly production
Spec sheet (pdf)
High resolution image


9 drinks + hot water
4 canisters for ingredients (2x2.4L / 2x5.3L)
40 litres hourly production
Spec sheet (pdf)
High resolution image





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