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San Sebastian Gastronomika 2016: Thank you!

October 12, 2016 Español   Français   Italiano   Português  

The latest San Sebastian Gastronomika has come to a close. This year we have participated in this congress on two levels.


On one hand, as the official supplier of Grup GSR, we have equipped the backstage kitchens of this competition with sous-vide cookers "SmartVide", vacuum packers, whisks, mincers, etc. and, on the other, we have supported the participation of our corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann and his team in different events and workshops throughout the competition.


At the inaugural dinner of San Telmo Museum, Enrique Fleischmann and his team regenerated their culinary creations using a SmartVide in-situ, demonstrating the advantages of its portability and the regeneration possibilities of these appliances. 

On Monday 3 October, Enrique Fleischmann gave a workshop on "The flavour of tradition. Ham PDO Dehesa de Extremadura", offering ham dishes prepared with the SmartVide. 


On 5 October, Enrique Fleischmann, in collaboration with the Basque Culinary Center, gave a workshop in the Aula Makro on low-cost creativity. In this workshop, he recognised the value of the vacuum packer as a way to create solutions with no added cost. 


With these lines, we would like to thank both Grup GSR and Fleischmann's Cooking Group for the trust they have placed in our products. #TheRightChoice

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