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Sammic: selection of equipment for small kitchens

September 6, 2016 Español   Italiano   Português   Deutsch   Français  

Through a communication medium in the sector, we have been asked for information on products particularly suitable for smaller kitchens. In response, we have prepared a selection of products for dynamic preparation that are particularly useful in kitchens with limited dimensions, because of their small or multi-function design. And we are sharing it. 

Combi hand blender TR/BM-250

Professional hand blender for intermittent use. Blends up to 15 litres per bowl. With variable speed, it is composed of an engine block with a power of 250W, blender arm of 290 mm and a whisk.

Combi cutter CK-301

It is two machines in one: as a veg prep machine, it can reach a production of up to 450 kg/h and is equipped with a 5-litre cutter-mixer bowl with a rotor with micro-serrated blades.
As a veg prep machine, its ergonomic design enables the product to be cut in one single movement. As a food processor, it has a 5-litre bowl with "Cut&Mix" mixer and micro-serrated blades.

Compact commercial potato peeler M-5

The compact stainless steel peeler by Sammic has a capacity of 5 kg per cycle and has been specially designed for small spaces. 
Very simple to install, it can be positioned next to a sink for drainage. It can also be equipped with a stand and filter. 
Made in stainless steel, it peels by abrasion, which wears the surface of the product by friction. The abrasive is extremely resistant and sturdy.
The peeler M-5 has an anti-return system in the water input. The control panel is equipped with a timer of 0-6 minutes with the option of continuous operation.

Combi peeler and salad dryer PES-20

PES-20 is a combined peeler and salad dryer. As a peeler, it has a capacity of 20 kg per cycle. As a salad dryer, it has a capacity of 2 kg per operation (20 kg/h), with a useful volume of 19.5 litres.
Built in stainless steel, it has an aluminium plate with silicon carbide abrasive (approved by the NSF), easily disassembled for cleaning.

Manual potato chipping machine CF-5

Ideal for restaurants and large kitchens, it has a possible production of 100-150 kg/h. Light and strong, it is manufactured in a light stainless steel alloy. It provides a clean and uniform cut, without breakages or waste, in thicknesses of 8, 10 or 12 mm using interchangeable knife-block and pusher sets.
The extended handle of the CF-5 provides optimum yield with minimum effort.

Compact planetary mixer BM-5

This is a table-top commercial planetary mixer with a 5-litre bowl, designed for intensive use. This compact model is ideal for establishments catering for up to 50 people.
The mixer-whisk BM-5 is specially designed for preparing flour-based doughs (bread, sponge cake, etc.), egg whites (soufflé, meringue, etc.), sauces (mayonnaise, etc.) and all types of minced meat mixtures.

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