New generation of SRC rack conveyor dishwasher

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We present a new range of rack conveyor dishwasher, designed to obtain the maximum production in the minimum space. This new range of dishwashers it is composed of 7 models with maximum capacity between 1,800 and 5,000 plates/hour and it will be available from the first week of March (it is possible to start processing orders from now on).

The SRC range, designed on the premise of obtaining the maximum reliability guaranteeing simplicity to use and total security, can be adapted to the specific needs of each user. The basic models have:

  • Double speed.
  • Left hand or right hand entry.
  • Linear drying unit or a corner drying unit with a curved output at 90º.
  • Different solutions for the steam extraction: the SRC washing dishwashers can be equipped with a suction cup that can be connected to an external extraction system (with the excepcion of SRC 1800), a steam extractor with an integrated motor or a steam condenser, improving the efficiency of the dishwasher.
  • A complete range of input and output compositions, allowing to adapt the installation to the requirements of each establishment.

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Picture SRC - 2200

Picture SRC - 5000

Rack conveyor dishwasher SRC - 1800

Rack conveyor dishwasher SRC - 2200

Rack conveyor dishwasher SRC - 2700

Rack conveyor dishwasher SRC - 3300

Rack conveyor dishwasher SRC - 3600

Rack conveyor dishwasher SRC - 4000

Rack conveyor dishwasher SRC - 5000

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