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New packing machines with direct label printing

June 21, 2017 Español   Português   Français   Deutsch   Italiano  

Did you know that the new Sammic SU vacuum packing machines equipped with the Wireless + Printer option enable labels to be printed directly without the need for additional equipment?

The vacuum packing machines from the Sammic Ultra Sensor range have the most advanced features and a wide range of options. One of these options is Wireless connectivity + connection to printer. Wireless connectivity enables the printer to be controlled from a mobile device using a free application. Thus, vacuum programmes with preset values ​​can be created and name and a label assigned to each one.

The label contains complete information regarding the preservation of the packaged product, as it comes with the product name, the vacuum values, packaging date, storage temperature and expiry date. 


The printer, which is purchased separately and is configured for the SU packers, is connected to the cable box. If the programme to be executed is assigned a label, it is printed directly at the end of the vacuum cycle, thus enabling easy management of the products with their expiry dates for future conservation.

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