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R.A.F.O.: the visit of a satisfied end-user

May 22, 2017 Español   Español  

It is quite common to welcome distributors at Sammic headquarters, less common to have them here accompanied by end-users, and it is even less usual to get the visit of a public institution like Oman Ministry of Defense together with the team responsible for catering at R.A.F.O. (Royal Air Force Oman).

Last 17th May we welcomed AL HASHIMI MALIK HUMAID SALIM, procurement at Oman Ministry of Defense and AL KHUSAIBI HAMED SULAIMAN SALIM,  AL BALUSHI FAHAD MOOSA MOHAMED and AL FARSI MOHAMMED SALIM HUMAID, responsible for catering at R.A.F.O. They had the chance to visit Sammic manufacturing installations and get to know our equipment and the advantages of the new cooking techniques applied to the needs of an institution like the Air Force.


From these lines, we thank you for your visit and for the trust placed in our Equipment.

Sammic: #TheRightChoice

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