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'Sapori', in love with the SmartVide

September 5, 2017 Español  

At Sammic, we love receiving feedback from end users and more when it comes from satisfied ones. This is the case of the Italian restaurant 'Sapori' from Anstey (Leicester, England), which has sent us a very positive opinion about our equipment. Sapori is a well-known restaurant in England that has obtained several distinctions the last years. Among others, ‘Best Italian Restaurant in England’ (Food Awards England 2015), ‘Best Restaurant’ (Niche Business Awards 2016), ‘Best restaurant’ (English Italian Awards 2016).

The Italian restaurant is equipped with several Sammic machines including a SmartVide  8+ immersion circulator. According to them, "Sammic SmartVide is very precise and it allows us to preprogram many recipes like chicken, octopus, monkfish, potatoes, fruit etc.". Therefore, it is an essential tool in their kitchen.


In 'Sapori', they prepare this delicious octopus recipe using the sous-vide technique in which they cook the octopus for 7 hours at 70ºC (158ºF) using the SmartVide. They serve it with fried bread with broccoli pancotto, confit of cherry tomatoes and octopus mayonnaise.


Thank you very much for such feedback! 

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