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Compact rack conveyor dishwashers with extraction hood

April 10, 2018 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

The evolution of our products is constant, and in the dishwashing family, the option of an extraction hood is already available in the SRC-1800 compact rack conveyor dishwasher models. The extraction hood allows the steam which is generated in the dishwasher to be connected to a remote extraction unit.


As this is a compact model, SRC-1800 does not have a splash guard. Given that the extraction hood is located above the output splash guard, the extraction hood kit for SRC-1800 includes a splash guard, which avoids exterior splashes whilst directing the steam.

The big advantage of the extraction hood unit for SRC-1800 developed by Sammic is that the tables are still connected to the machine and not to the splash guard: the entire length of the installation and, therefore, the space required is not affected.

Now, the SRC-1800 models have the same steam output options as the rest of Sammic’s SRC dishwasher range: extraction hood, motorised steam extractor or steam condenser

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