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Hostelco 2018: XM-12, the compact blender that does it all

April 3, 2018 Español   Français   Português   Italiano   Deutsch  

Sammic presents the XM-12 (coming soon), a new model of professional blender which is capable of completing all types of blending, from airy consistencies to purées, without needing to change tools. With an ergonomic, compact and practical design, it is ideal for mise-en-place and intended to achieve maximum comfort of use in recipients of up to 10 litres. In addition to this, it is capable of carrying out prolonged work without the casing overheating.

Proving that the size of the piece of equipment does not compromise the level of professionalism, at the next edition of Hostelco, Sammic will introduce the XM-12, a new compact hand blender, designed for continuous use in bowls with a capacity of up to 10 litres.

The XM-12 has been designed for small productions and is ideal for mise-en-place and support in service. It is equipped with an advanced three-blade design and a range of speeds which make it ideal for achieving the most subtle blending to more delicate and airy emulsions. With this new model you can achieve all of this quickly and without the need for add-on tools. Also, the XM-12 can be equipped with a shorter additional arm, which makes the blender even more versatile. 


This blender has been designed with intuitive use and the user’s comfort in mind. With dimensions similar to a domestic mixer, it is a highly manageable blender. What’s more, the external casing, made in two materials, allows an ergonomic hold with an anti-slip grip and the handle features optimum inclination in order to minimise user fatigue. The arm is detachable with quick fastening and safety restraint system, and it has an indicator for the locked position.

The XM-12 is manufactured with materials of the highest quality and offers maximum motor power in a compact size. Thanks to this, it is capable of carrying out prolonged work without the casing overheating. The exterior shape of the casing is designed to avoid it rolling and falling from the work surface and cleaning the arm is extremely easy (both under the tap and in the dishwasher) thanks to the fact that it is detachable.

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