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San Sebastian Gastronomika 2018. Thank you!

October 11, 2018 Español   Português   Français  

A new edition of San Sebastian Gastronomika International Culinary Congress is over. As usual, we have had a prominent presence in several fields in this event.

As exhibitors in the fair, we had our own stand, where this time we have highlighted SmartVideTrack, which will soon be available. SmartVideTrack is a new development within Sammic’s SmartVide family that makes it possible to individually control each of the bags in the immersion bath that are in the process of cooking or regenerating, at a controlled temperature. All this thanks to a smart card system coupled with an interactive touch screen system.


Besides, our corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann has imparted a masterclass about "New work methods organised with a sous-vide and low temperature" hand in hand with Sammic. Simulating the service of a restaurant, we have offered a tasting, demonstrating how the innovative SmartVideTrac system works. SmartVideTrack is unique and particularly useful at times of high performance in the kitchen. SmartVideTrack makes it possible to reduce drops in the level of service, organise better delivery and distribute work between zones, so that it can be completed easier at the time of plating up.


Finally, in collaboration with the organizers of the Congress, we have equipped different areas of the Congress Hall, highlighting the regeneration zone we have prepared at the backstage kitchen of the main auditorium, at the disposal of the renowned chefs participating in the Congress.   

From these lines, we would like to say thank you to all the visitors in our stand, all the assistants to our Workshop as well as the organizers and the media who have shown interest in our products and solutions. 

Clck here to see all our photos of San Sebastian Gastronomika Congress. 

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