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Kitchenbridge 2019: Charcoal Venice with Josiah Citrin

July 18, 2019 Italiano   Português   Español   Français   Deutsch  

The last stop on the return trip within the KitchenBridge 2019 programme took place in Los Angeles, specifically in Venice Beach.

In this case with acclaimed chef Josiah Citrin, who runs, among other establishments, the famous restaurant Melisse, with two Michelin stars and located in Santa Monica. Since this establishment was closed for renovations, the event took place at Charcoal Venice, a fantastic restaurant famous for its grilled preparations located on the famous Venice Beach.


Executive chefs from Josiah Citrin's team, Ken Takayama from Melisse restaurant, Joe Johnson from Charcoal Venice and Danny Freeman attended the event along with Nyesha J. Arrington, Richard Archuleta, John Novella and Rebecca Barone (Melisse).


After the presentation of the new SmartVideTrack by Enrique Fleischmann, in which several attendees showed great interest, a casual and friendly meal prepared with Sammic equipment ended the event.


Thank you to everyone for your hospitality and for your interest in Sammic!

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