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Coming soon... new veg prep and food processor lines

June 4, 2019 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

Working towards continuous improvement, major changes have been made to the vegetable cutters, cutting mechanisms and emulsifiers, and to the combined models.

Firstly, the cutters have been adjusted to the maximum in order to improve the cut, improving #theperfectcut of the current models. These adjustments are especially noticeable in the dice cut. The adjusted machine, together with the new FC-D discs for slicing and the FMC-D grids, guarantees a clean cut, with no waste and no liquid generated.

Secondly, new grater disc models have been developed, SH, the most hygienic on the market. SH discs have been improved to be removable without using tools. They can therefore be washed in a dishwasher and don't become dirty on the edges.

Finally, brushless technology has been implemented in all variable speed models (variable speed cutters, cutter-emulsifiers and combined models). Brushless technology is synonymous with optimal performance at any speed. The variable speed cutters have high-efficiency motors that use brushless technology. Brushless motors are highly efficient, allowing the same force to be exerted throughout the speed range. They also weigh less, require less space and, since they don't require ventilation, the seal is better on the machines. And thanks to the exclusive "Force Control System", the force displayed by the motor is shown at all times on the screen, enabling a warning to be programmed when the machine exceeds the preset force. The user therefore obtains the desired cut quality in each product and at all times, achieving an optimum cut.

#ThePerfectCut, is now even more so. Coming soon, further information.

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