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Guide to choosing the best blade for the Sammic cutter

October 8, 2019 Français   Português   Italiano   Deutsch   Español  

The ranges of Sammic cutters and emulsifiers offer the highest versatility to adapt to the user's requirements: hoppers of different capacities, two speeds or variable speed, "cut&mix" mixer, options of blades... Speaking of blades, which one is the most-suitable blade for my needs? 

This post offers a brief guide for selecting the most appropriate blades for each cutting requirement. 


Micro-serrated blades

Sammic cutters and emulsifiers come with micro-serrated blades, since these are the most widely used. Micro-serrated or saw-tooth blades are ideal for cutting parsley and products with a high water content that can be damaged with the use of smooth blades. These blades are also recommended for frozen products, nuts, cured ham, cooked meat and purees. For the latter, the grinding is finer with this type of blade.

Smooth blades

The smooth blades are indicated for cutting raw meat, because the edge and its shape can easily cut the nerve strands and difficult points of the meat. They are also recommended for vegetables in general, as it chops very well with only a small quantity of liquid from the product. The smooth blades are ideal for onions, although the Cut&Mix mixer must be used because the product adheres to the sides of the hopper.

Perforated blades

Use the perforated blades to make sauces and mix products such as mayonnaise, seafood cocktail sauce, ali-oli garlic mayonnaise, etc. as well as for certain types of pastry dough.

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