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New D discs and grids, for a perfect dice cut

September 19, 2019 Español   Français   Português   Italiano   Deutsch  

With the launch of the new vegetable cutters and the combi veg prep and food processor, Sammic has updated the FC discs to cut into slices and the FMC cube grids. With the same appearance as the previous models, these discs and grids have tighter tolerances to obtain an even cleaner cube cut, without generating liquids and with no shrinkage.

To obtain the improved dice cut, use the cutter or combi from the new range (CA-31, CA-41, CA-62, CA-3V, CA-4V, CK-35V, CK-38V, CK-45V, CK-48V), the cutting disc from the new range (models ending in D) and grid from the new range (models ending in D).

The new grids are compatible with the previous ones, so they can be used in any Sammic cutter or combi, although these are previous models. The new discs can only be used with the new cutter and combi lines. The Sammic catalogue therefore includes the current discs (models ending in +) and the new ones (ending in D).

#ThePerfectCut is now even more so. Try it!

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