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We present the new range of SmartVide sous-vide cookers

September 26, 2019 Español   Português   Deutsch   Français   Italiano  


This range, which includes the SmartVide5, SmartVide7 and SmartVide9, is replacing the previous thermocirculator range. With Wireless connectivity, all of the new machines are HACCP-ready and have recipe memory, both in the device’s memory and in the app.

The new SmartVide by Sammic range is incredibly precise. All of the new sous-vide cookers are equipped with a precision temperature control system and, thanks to this, they obtain highly consistent results. In addition to this, all of the machines are compatible with core probes, enabling even more precise control.

With an ergonomic and robust handle that allows the machine to be moved easily, a control panel protected against moisture and a stirrer and resistance guard in stainless steel, the new SmartVides are defined by their robustness. They also have a screen with a new, full-colour design that only has four buttons, making it very easy to use.

The new machines also come with a very important new feature: Automatic firmware update. Thanks to the Wireless connectivity and the Bootloader function, the software that controls the SmartVide will be updated at all times. This is useful for adding functions to the machine or correcting, remotely, any possible errors in the operation of your device. What’s more, all of the machines can be connected to the SmartVideTrack. 




Spec Sheet
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Spec Sheet
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Spec Sheet
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