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The safest delivery, in heat-sealed or vacuum-packed containers

April 7, 2020 Español   Français   Português   Italiano   Deutsch  

We are already seeing a rapidly growing market for supply and consumption of pre-prepared meals. Now, due to the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis and the measures adopted by our governments, delivery is practically the only activity open to catering establishments. If we add to this the particular importance of hygiene during the current health crisis, the supply of vacuum-packed and heat-sealed food becomes the safest way to send pre-prepared food to homes. 

Pre-prepared meals delivered in heat-sealed containers: guaranteed hygiene 

With this solution, the food delivered to the home is sent in hermetically heat-sealed containers, so that, in addition to avoiding spillage of food outside the container, there is no exchange of particles while the food is being transported between the restaurant and the recipient's home. This is always important, but is now essential because of the special sensitivity to pathogens due to the current health crisis.


Vacuum-packed foods: a guarantee of preservation

With prepared foods which are vacuum-packed, in addition to the stringent hygiene requirements for heat-sealed foods, there is the absence of air in the bag containing the food. An oxygen-free environment prevents the reproduction of aerobic bacteria, increasing the safety of the product. This makes it possible to extend the shelf-life of the food, so that the establishment can not only deliver pre-prepared meals to homes for relatively immediate consumption, but can also deliver dishes to be eaten at a later date. 

In this case, it's a good idea to include instructions with the delivered food, describing how to properly regenerate it so that the food maintains its nutritional and sensory properties.


Vacuum-cooked foods: maximum hygiene and preservation 

Low temperature vacuum cooking goes one step further in ensuring hygienic conditions and isolation of the food from potentially pathogenic agents. In addition to the hygiene at the time of delivery, the product is isolated from dangerous agents not only during shipping but also during cooking. As in the supply of vacuum-packed food, it is advisable to provide instructions to ensure that the food is regenerated properly.



Sammic, solutions for delivery

Sammic offers a wide range of solutions for the delivery sector, including solutions for heat-sealing food in trays, vacuum packaging and low temperature cooking. 

Regarding container thermo-sealers, the TS-150 model is completely manual, and the TM models, although manual, are operated by a lever and have a timer for the sealing time, ensuring an optimal result for each width of tray and film. The model TM-150 is for trays 150mm wide and the model TM-210 can take film up to 210mm wide.  

Sammic vacuum-packing machines come in two ranges, SENSOR and SENSOR ULTRA. Both ranges have a series of different sizes. In addition, the vacuum in all models is controlled by a high-precision sensor and equipped with a Busch vacuum pump.   

If, in addition to delivering vacuum-packed dishes, we want to cook vacuum-packed food at a low temperature, Sammic can offer state-of-the-art SmartVide immersion circulators. Thanks to SmartVide by Sammic, the company puts low temperature cooking within the reach of any professional interested in this technique, not only by offering products, but also by providing knowledge and answers through our website www.sous-vide.cooking. 

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