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SaniControl, your guarantee of perfect hygiene

July 21, 2020 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

Previously, we explained how to achieve perfect sanitisation with Sammic glass washers and dishwashers, whatever the model. We now highlight the models that GUARANTEE this sanitisation, and therefore carry our new SANICONTROL badge.

The SaniControl badge indicates that the dishwasher or glass washer guarantees rinsing at the specified temperature. This temperature is guaranteed by two methods:


Machines equipped with Thermal Lock, and with this option activated, don't start rinsing until the rinse water has reached the ideal temperature to disinfect the dishes. With the Thermal Lock option activated, if the rinse water is colder than the set temperature (in times of very intensive use or when the mains water is very cold), the machine continues washing until the boiler reaches the set temperature, when the rinsing process will then start. All Sammic X-TRA and SUPRA line glasswashers and front-loading dishwashers, as well as all Sammic pass-through dishwasher models are equipped with this option.

In addition, the dishwashers from the X-TRA range and all SUPRA models are equipped with temperature displays that show the temperature during the rinse phase.

Equally, the rinsing temperature can be guaranteed by the power of the boiler itself. This is the case with Sammic's rack conveyor dishwashers. Here, the conveyor system takes the baskets from the washing area to the rinsing area. In order to guarantee the rinsing temperature, all SRC rack conveyor dishwashers have been equipped with powerful boilers that keep the water at the desired temperature at all times. The temperature displays show the wash and rinse temperatures throughout these processes and thus confirm that sanitisation is being achieved.


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