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Sammic launches a new range of immerson blenders

June 16, 2020

(Press Release)

The Basque company Sammic is launching a new range of hand-held blenders and mixers as an extension of the compact model XM-12, already on the market. With 4 additional sizes and different options for blender and mixer arm lengths, Sammic now offers a complete range of hand-held electrical devices that replaces the previous TR range. 


The range is a professional line designed for intensive use in pots, pans and bowls from 10 to 250 litres. Ergonomic factors have been incorporated into the design to ensure that work can be carried out without causing fatigue. Finally, they are made to last. 

This is a complete and versatile range designed to handle various preparations without any accessory tools. The unique "Y-blade" hardened-steel long-life blade allows for prolonged use without overheating. The XM line of blenders has fixed-speed and variable-speed models, depending on the range and use.  

Ergonomic factors have been key in the design of the range. All models have a compact design in relation to their performance. The unique external casing is made of two materials and has an anti-slip grip for an ergonomic hold. All the arms are removable and have a quick and secure closure system. The hoods or blade covers are designed to avoid splashing and are very simple to operate, with lights indicating the machine's status and whether it is connected to the mains electricity supply. 

Sammic's XM hand-held electrical devices are built to last.  Their motors have passed the most demanding use and duration tests and are capable of performing prolonged work without the casing overheating. Their carefully designed structure prevents the casing from rotating and falling off.  

All models are NSF approved and very easy to clean. 

The range has been developed in collaboration with Sammic's corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann, his team, and Sammic's network of chef ambassadors and end-users in several countries. 

Sammic, the manufacturer of food preparation and dishwashing equipment, has been making hand-held blenders for professional use for over 50 years. The new XM generation of hand-held electrical devices is the result of the experience and professionalism of this company from Guipúzcoa. The series is designed to satisfy the needs and demands of the widest range of users. 

Further information: 

Landing page: https://www.sammic.com/a/new-commercial-hand-blenders-xm

Brochure: https://www.sammic.com/dl/457726/88f3a/brochures-commercial-hand-blenders-xm.pdf

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sammicsl/albums/72157714546469011 

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