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New XM hand-blenders: Versatility, ergonomics and durability

June 9, 2020 Italiano   Deutsch   Español   Français   Português  

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We're presenting a fully renewed range of hand blenders and whisks: XM. This new line, which is defined by its versatility, ergonomics, robustness and durability, is the result of a long analysis process and aims to improve and complete the dynamic preparation family.

A few months ago, we introduced the first member of this new range: XM-12. Small and powerful, it came to prove that size isn't incompatible with professionalism and proposed a state-of-the-art construction and motor that considerably extend the machine's useful life. Following in the footsteps of this small liquidiser, now, we're introducing the family with four more series according to the size of the machines. Specifically, as well as the XM-12 which is part of the XS or 10 series from the XM range, we're presenting the S, M, L and XL series, which include different sized blenders, whisks and combined models.



Professional performance

- Models for all types of productions. Liquidisers: bowls of up to 250 litres. Blenders: up to 80 litres or 60 egg whites.

- Versatility without changing tools. Liquidisers: From the most demanding liquidising to the most delicate emulsions. Blenders: Intended for whipping cream, preparing meringues or making sauces.

- A range of whisks and blending arms which come in different sizes.

Maximum comfort for the user

- User-friendly machines in a logical size within their range.

- Removable arms with quick fastening and a warning "click".

- Ergonomic hold: - Anti-slip grip. - Optimum handle inclination to minimise fatigue.

- Simple and intuitive handling.

- Light indicators.


Made to last

- Manufactured in top quality materials.

- Maximum motor power in a compact size.

- Casing shaped to avoid the machine rolling and falling.

- Cleaning the arm is extremely easy and can be done under the tap.

Download brochure PDF

XS - 10

S - 20

M - 30

L - 50

XL - 70


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