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US Sammic Team at Kimski Chicago Community Kitchen

November 13, 2020

Neal Pearlman, Nate Sanford, Won Kim, Adam Masterson, Martin BarriolaNeal Pearlman, Nate Sanford, Won Kim, Adam Masterson, Martin Barriola

The US Sammic team spent their Veterans Day working with Chicago’s Community Kitchen to help provide over 300 lunches to in-need residents, families and workers in Chicago. The Community Kitchen, hosted by Chef Won Kim of Kimski in the Bridgeport neighborhood, provides over 2,000 meals a week to local senior housing complexes, food pantries, community centers, hospital workers and the residents of Chicago.

The Sammic team consisted of Nate Sanford, Neal Pearlman, Martin Barriola, and guest chef Adam Masterson. They provided BBQ Nachos topped with prime brisket, pulled pork, avocado puree, and of course a generous helping of cheese sauce. For a side, the team made a fresh salad accentuated with a bright and flavorful pico de gallo.

To help pull off a smooth service, feeding hundreds of people in a very short window, the Sammic team utilized the advanced food preparation and preservation equipment from their Evanston Show Room. Cooking around a hundred pounds of BBQ brisket and pork to perfection is made easy when using Sammic SmartVide sous-vide machines. Chef Adam Masterson and Sammic National Sales Manager Nate Sanford, broke down and portioned the full Prime Briskets and Pork Shoulders. Using the market leading Vacuum Sealers to lock in the delicious seasoning for a deep rich BBQ flavor, the food was ready for a 24 hour cook in a 153°F low temperature bath.

When large volumes of vegetables need to be precisely processed, such as for the teams pico de gallo, nothing is better than a trusty CA-3V. This machine took the pressure off the preparation work, so they could focus on the execution and be sure that no one was turned away with an empty belly.

During the day spent with Chef Won Kim at Kimski, Sammic’s General Manager Neal Pearlman and Finance Manager Martin Barriola where busy garnishing, saucing, plating and distributing the hundreds of packaged meals. To keep the gallons of cheese sauce hot and ready to top the nachos, they used the powerful 1400-watt Sammic SmartVide 9 to be sure the perfect temperature was maintained throughout service. Chef Adam Masterson effortlessly whipped-up a creamy avocado puree using the newly released XM-12 hand blender. The guys used this puree as a topping to bring an incredible layer of flavor to the dish.

No meal is complete without a dessert, and this one was special. A warm soft cookie made by Chef Won’s friend Anyssa Lira was included with each meal.

More pictures, here. 

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